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Scillitoe Brothers Garage Drives Forward

Scillitoe Bros Garage is a locally staffed garage, located at Bunker's Hill, Egmere. 
5 years ago, We acquired a premise on the Outskirts of Wells & developed the premise into a workshop. Over the past 5 years, we have been expanding and upgrading our Garage from just a single building workshop to an MOT centre with a more extensive workshop and more services.


A Statement From The Boss

Its been a rough year in lockdown!

"Well I'm glad to say that Scillitoe Bros MOT Station officially opened the MOT bay for classes 4 & 7 and its been one hell of a ride. At the start of the 1st lockdown I enquired the unit next door, of which I'd wanted for the last 4 years! I had made plans and got everything in place and then it all shut down. Just my luck! But hay ho, in for a penny, in for a pound. I've scrimped, Saved, Begged, Borrowed and gone without. Luckily I've had excellent support from nearest and dearest and I may not have made it without them, but finally things have come together after a lot of hard work and it's done! Just over one year and the MOT bay is now up and running. So now we can offer the whole package in House, Service, MOT and Repairs for both class 4 and 7 and with plans for Class 5 in the future. I would like to thank everyone who has support me both personally and business wise and I look forward to see you all to thank you in person in the future."

- Kieron Scillitoe

Proprietor of Scillitoe Bros Garage

(31st March 2021)

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